Julian Mak's homepage

I am currently an assistant professor (cf. lecturer in the UK system) in the Department of Ocean Sciences (OCES) at HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). I am generally interested in fluid dynamical questions relevant to geophysical and astrophysical systems, and have expertise in using/developing numerical models and inverse methods. For stuff that are more group related (such as research news and recruitment), please go to the GROUP WEBPAGE (the research page will gradually migrate).

Beyond the page groupings, my contact details may be found under ABOUT, and a calendar of my schedule may be found under TRAVEL. If you are a UG student and looking for research opportunities (e.g. looking for final year project supervision, under the IRE track, or just want to try something different), go to TEACHING to have a look.

  • As a way to usefully procrastinate, I occasionally type up academic notes I have made, which may be found on this GitHub repository. Feel free to use the source and compiled files there as appropriate.
  • Animation showing vertical component of vorticity from a NEMO custom model over the first 10 years (UNAGI, 10km resolution, beta plane).