Julian Mak's homepage

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP) sub-department within the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. I am generally interested in fluid dynamical questions relevant to geophysical and astrophysical systems.

Beyond the page groupings, my contact details may be found under ABOUT, and a calendar of my schedule may be found under TRAVEL.


  • 10 Apr: I am set to be moving to HKUST as an assistant professor at the fairly new Department of Ocean Sciences (OCES) from July 2019. Watch this space for PhD opportunities

  • Animation showing vertical component of vorticity from a NEMO custom model over the first 10 years (UNAGI, 10km resolution, beta plane).

  • Recent news

  • I will be giving a seminar at NOC-Liverpool on Wednesday 5th June
  • I will be visiting NCAR in Boulder between 14th and 17th May, and attending the ECCO Summer Workshop 2019 at Friday Harbour Labs, University of Washington between 19th and 31th of May
  • 04 Apr: In the process of porting over (and simplifying) my regular webpage
  • Gave a presentation on GEOMETRIC at the School of Mathematics at Newcastle University, Jan 2019
  • Co-organiser for the Rotating Fluids meeting 2019 with a theme of "oceans" (twitter handle #RotatingFluids)
  • Gave a presentation on GEOMETRIC at HKUST and CityU while in HK for Dec 2018