Misc. pictures and animations

One of the nice things about fluid dynamics research is that we have an abundance of data that leads to beautiful visualisation! This page contains various pictures and animations I have made.

Scroll to the bottom for pictures of various animals I have annoyed at some point.

Animation showing vertical component of vorticity from a NEMO custom model over the first 10 years (UNAGI, 10km resolution, beta plane).

Surface velocity of ORCA12 (left) vs. ORCA1 (right) over the Pacific, generated from 5-day averaged data (click image for full resolution pic). Made with Cartopy + Iris packages.

Animation showing ice cover and mixed layer depth over both poles. Taken from an ORCA1 calculation (monthly averaged data).

Animation of surface height deviation field for a linear shallow water model with a mesh that has a Dolphon hole in it (taken from a FEniCS tutorial). Done using Firedrake and visualised with Matplotlib.

Animation of the historical reconstruction of Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) data of Church & White (2011), relative in this case to 1880. As a line graph (with one standard deviation of anticipated uncertainty) and as a Climate Spiral format after Ed Hawkins (University of Reading). Visualised with Matplotlib.

Miffy (Mithrandir)

Mithrandir (aka Miffy, Miffus, Noobus) is supposedly a British Shorthair that we got from a pet shop. We were looking initially to adopt but walking around shops we saw this girl with all over the place colours/patterns looking like no one wanted her (she was 10 months old at the time, compared to the 3 month old kittens around), so she came back with us. Unlike Turnip who doesn't want to be touched anywhere except near the tail, Miffy generally likes being touched, especially under the chin, which sometimes causes her to go cat.exe has crashed. So far a house cat, may end up seeing if she wants to go for walkies.

Turnip (actually May)

Turnip was our first cat (sort of, she is actually owned by the neighbour opposite the place we rented in Oxford), and prior to her warming up to us she was known as the unfriendly cat on the street. We thought she was a stray because of the little nip of on her ear (a mark of the Trap-Neuter-Release program), and having taken her to the vet the vet thought she was somewhere between 3-6 years old because she a small girl; at the time of the pictures below she is actually almost 9 (babyface!)

A very small black cat with a white patch of hair on her chest, she hangs around outdoors very often and has been known to swipe at people, get into hissing matches with and bully other cats, kill little animals (see below) and generally being a panther. The year we got adopted by her she warmed to us very gradually (she play bites and still doesn't quite know the damage she can cause with her claws) after we let her stay in the house on a particularly cold rainy night. Gradually she took over the house and even sleeps with us in the bedroom, to the point where she would in through the attic to come into our room. She is a very sweet girl and loves smacking at shoelaces (not so much the fishing rods), and makes the tiniest of mews. Unfortunately we couldn't take her with us to HK... we get updates from our housemates about Turnip nowadays.


Bob is my friend Heather's dog, whom I got to take on walks that week I was visiting. Bob is probably a German Shepherd + Chow mix, with a great foxy colour to him. Very nice friendly boy, sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in Summer or 2019.


Misc. friends from travelling around.