Mahler 2 concert, in McEwan hall, Edinburgh

Remembrance concert at Caird Hall, Perth

One of the main things I do is music performance and I have dabbled with various instruments, and infrequently conducting. I primarily play the (French) horn now in large groups and gradually taking up the flute (the latter is a little more kind on the body). On horn I took lessons briefly with Bob Ashworth (Leeds) and Graeme Hodge (Edinburgh).

Being a bit of an equipment geek and for various practical/musical reasons I have played and owned a variety of horns (in order: Gears4Music double; Holton 179; Paxman 33; Conn 10D; Conn 8DRS; Alexander 103). Some of these are displayed below. The two Conns I got from Tony Halstead who also subsequently sold it on for me. I currently play an detachable bell Alexander gold brass 103 with a Schmid 5 mouthpiece.

List of ensembles

Ensembles I have played or deputised for, in (pseudo-)chronological order:

Opera, musicals, film and chorus works

Orchestral works

Wind band music

Chamber and solo works

OUP horn section quartet, OUP

Edinburgh Concert Band at Greyfriar's Kirk, Edinburgh

Scout Scar, Lake District